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Ready to get started? You've come to the right place. Below you can select the best set up for your needs. You can save on a keyboard if you need one, get the necessary cables, and select the right plan for you. Let's go!

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Ready to get started?

Do you have a musical keyboard that you can use with your computer or iOS device?

To get the full educational experience, your child will need a keyboard that they can attach to their computer or iOS device.

Select A Keyboard

We offer a discount on XKey keyboards to new Keys & Kingdoms™ customers. Xkey keyboards can be used to play KnK as well as dozens of other MIDI-enabled Apps.

Made for travelers and mobile users and easily fits in any bag or case.

Real-sized, pressure sensitive keys

Robust, modern design.

The Xkey 25 with PC/Mac Connectivity is a compact, portable, durable keyboard that still features full-sized keys with pressure sensitivity.

The Xkey 25 Air with PC/Mac/iOS Connectivity has all the same great features as the Xkey 25 above, but adds wireless connectivity.

Please note that XKey 25 includes cables to connect to your PC and Mac.
Xkey 25 Air is wireless and doesn't require cables. If buying for a computer, make sure it has Bluetooth capabilities.
At this time, we are only able to ship Xkey products to the continental U.S.

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Add iOS Cable?

Your keyboard comes with a cable to connect to a PC. You can additionally add a cable to connect to an iOS device.

Select Your Connection Type

If you do not have a Bluetooth enabled keyboard device you will need a cable to connect your keyboard to the game.

At this time, we are only able to ship cable products to the continental U.S.

Select A Subscription

Private piano lessons can cost more than $50 for a single session, which can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month for families. Keys & Kingdoms™ is a fun, cost effective way for players to explore an interest in learning music, learn to play, or add additional practice to their music studies.

For less than the cost of a single lesson each month, Keys & Kingdoms™ will engage your child in practice for hours every week as they master new songs, develop finger dexterity, and gain confidence and passion for the piano using Graeme's proven methods.

Subscribers get access to hundreds of hours of gameplay where they will learn new piano skills, songs, and musical confidence while exploring the vast and rich world of Harmonia.

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